Ofer Gonen

Mr. Gonen is the chief executive officer of Clal Biotechnology Industries (CBI), where he has managed the company’s life science investments, business development and US-based operations since 2003. Prior to joining CBI, Mr. Gonen served as the general manager of Biomedical Investments and served as a technology consultant to various Israeli venture capital funds and an Academic Aide to the Governor of the Bank of Israel. Mr. Gonen gained extensive experience in R&D and management in defense-oriented projects within the prestigious “TALPIOT” program of the Israeli Defense Forces, for which he was awarded the Israeli National Security Medal. Mr. Gonen serves as an executive chairman and board member of several companies including Gamida Cell, MediWound, CureTech, D-Pharm, Biocancell, Avraham, Campus Bio, Polyheal and CLS.

Mr. Gonen holds an M.A. in economics and finance from Tel Aviv University, and a bachelor’s degree in physics, mathematics and chemistry from Hebrew University in Jerusalem.